2018 nye Free Will: The Basics (Paperback) by Griffith Meghan dkDA0OLZ

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The question of whether humans are free to make their own decisions has long been debated and it continues to be a controversial topic today. In Free Will: The Basics readers are provided with a clear and accessible introduction to this central but challenging philosophical problem. The questions which are discussed include: Does free will exist? Or is it illusory? Can we be free even if everything is determined by a chain of causes? If our actions are not determined does this mean they are just random or a matter of luck? In order to have the kind of freedom required for moral responsibility must we have alternatives? What can recent developments in science tell us about the existence of free will? Because these questions are discussed without prejudicing one view over others and all technical terminology is clearly explained this book is an ideal introduction to free will for the uninitiated.