Anvendelse af råvarer A Companion to the Works of Robert Musil (Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture) (Paperback) by Payne Philip Bartram Graham Tihanov Galin rOoH8Csu

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A panel of authors critics and academics convened by the Literaturhaus in Munich in 1999 voted Robert Musil's The Man without Qualities the most important German novel of the 20th century. Their collective judgment rests on strong foundations: on the work's encyclopedic compass embracing intellectual social political and cultural concerns embodied in themes of striking originality; on its probing of key issues of Austrian and German life from the first four decades of the twentieth century; on the brilliance of its language unsurpassed by any other 20th-century author writing in German. While this Companion gives The Man without Qualities the central focus it deserves it also contributes to a deeper understanding of Musil's other significant works; in harnessing a team of established scholars from North America and Europe to the task of providing an assessment of Musil's work it sets new standards in scope and originality. The analyses are embedded in an appreciation of the intellectual contexts of Musil's writing yielding fresh insights into Musil's artistic accomplishment and into his place in the Austrian and German cultural traditions of the 20th century. CONTRIBUTORS: PHILIP PAYNE KLAUS AMANN GALIN TIHANOV MATTHIAS LUSERKE-JAQUI SILVIA BONACCHI CHRISTIAN ROGOWSKI PETER HENNINGER WALTER FANTA KARL CORINO GENESE GRILL BURTON PIKE RUDIGER GORNER Philip Payne is Professor of German Studies at Lancaster University UK; Graham Bartram is Senior Lecturer in German Studies at Lancaster University UK; and Galin Tihanov is Professor of Comparative Literature and Intellectual History and Co-Director of the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures at the University of Manchester UK.