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Michele is a successful business woman with a troubled private life. She has a high-powered job a family a husband yet she is defined by a term of possession: she is 'Clara's daughter'. Nameless. When Michele moves her mother into the basement her husband slams the door and disappears into the night. Michele increasingly hides away upstairs as Clara weaves her conspiracies beneath. Clara's Daughter begins in terraced houses and city parks of North London but develops through sharp-edged monologues and surreal visions into a primeval stand-off between mother and daughter. Eventually Clara - the controlling matriarch - finds a way to release her daughter. But can Michele release herself? Meike Ziervogel is a master of suspenseful storytelling. In Clara's clandestine power games and Michele's increasingly fraught dealings with both her mother and her own highly-strung sister Hilary there emerges a chilling yet poignant family tableau. Devastating in its psychological insights Clara's Daughter reveals unnerving truths about relationship anxieties on many levels which emerge not only from Ziervogel's elegant succinct descriptions but build steadily from the tense silent spaces between the unfolding of main events. A divinely-crafted almost cinematic novella Clara's Daughter is at once startling moving and intensely enduring.