Bedste salg Free: Adventures on the margins of a wasteful society (Paperback) by Hibbert Katharine mQPCGs2B

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Product Description:

For many the daily grind can feel like a trap - work gym drinks shops home bed work. But what would happen if one day you just jacked it all in to survive on next to nothing? Katharine Hibbert decided to find out. No job no rented flat no shopping no debit card and no travel pass. Katharine decided to give it all up to walk the streets with only a backpack and spend a year living off the food clothes other goods and accommodation that would otherwise go to waste. It would be year of squatting scavenging and no spending. Would she survive and if she did would she ever want to go back? The journey takes her on a fascinating trip from drug-dens to lavish squatted mansions. She has to learn to fend for herself and to trust the generosity of strangers and friends she makes along the way. She falls into a hidden community who teach her how to build a life using the things that others throw away and finds that life on the margins amounts to so much more than you might think.