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Hilariously touching and outrageously unforgettable: Mark Haddon's Christopher Boone meets Holden Caulfield on one *


of a journey...Dylan Mint has Tourette's. Being sixteen is hard enough but Dylan's life is a constant battle to keep the bad stuff in - the swearing the tics the howling dog that seems to escape whenever he gets stressed...But a routine visit to the hospital changes everything. Overhearing a hushed conversation between the doctor and his mother Dylan discovers that he's going to die next March. So he grants himself three parting wishes or 'Cool Things To Do Before I Cack It'. But as Dylan sets out to make his wishes come true he discovers that nothing - and no-one - is quite as he had previously supposed. 'It's the F-word - funny foul-mouthed fantastic

' Charlie Higson 'I loved Dylan Mint. He made me laugh out loud and his tenacity had me rooting for him from the first page' Stephen Kelman author of Pigeon English