Det billigste Bronze Age by Butterfield Moira BKbv7bV7

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What's the first Bronze Age object you can think of? The Moel Hebog shield or the beautiful gold Mold Cape? Did you know that thousands more bronze gold pottery bone and wooden objects have been found from this prehistoric time in human history? All of these objects can tell us a lot about ancient people. We know about the animals they kept from burials of animal bones. We know about the tools they used from axes swords and arrowheads that have been found and we know about their everyday life and culture from the remains of the homes they lived in objects dug out of graves the boats they built and the sacred objects they threw into lakes and rivers. All over Britain Bronze Age artefacts have been Found

. Uncover the stories of thirteen incredible finds what they can tell us about life back then and how they might relate to your life today. Found

is a series of six books that span British archaeological finds from the Stone Bronze and Iron Ages Roman Britain the Viking Age and the Anglo Saxons. Ideal for readers aged 9+ studying history topics at Key Stage 2.