Engroshandel Brwydr i Baradwys?: Y Dylanwadau Ar Dwf Ysgolion Cymraeg De-ddwyrain Cymru (Hardcover) by Thomas Huw hAUMkXaP

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This pioneering volume examines the numerous multi-layered and co-reactionary influences on the extraordinary growth of the Welsh medium Schools of south-east Wales. This is not a history but a multi-discipline linguistic social psychological political and educational study analysing the struggle it is argued which was chiefly responsible for overturning the linguistic shift. Equally extraordinary is the fact that no similar study has been conducted before. Balance is maintained between critical study and empiric research. The quantitative evidence is based on the responses received to representative samples of over 700 pupils and teachers using various questionnaires and on data available via Estyn reports and statistical sources. Quantitative evidence was gathered via interviews with individuals ranging from central government to local the civil service and Local Education Authorities the Inspectorate parents and governors school heads and voluntary groups. It is argued that the power of the sector's dynamo was driven from the bottom up from the direction of teachers and parents in particular but that individuals within local national and international politics used their discretion on a meso and macro level to influence support structures which more often than not facilitated the actors' efforts. More than policies or parties individuals proved to be the main influences. The theoretical and conceptual structures of macro language identity structure and actor are described in order to unravel the complex weave of influences and these are the frameworks on which the powers at work in the movementA''s development were analysed on its long and arduous journey towards national linguistic paradise. The Welsh School is therefore placed in a global context.