Første kvalitet Zal and Zara and the Great Race of Azamed (Zal & Zara) (Paperback) by Downes Kit 7gTmNgmv

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Product Description:

Join the fantastical flying carpet race in this magical adventure novel. The Great Annual Carpet Race is fast approaching and in the ancient bustling city of Azamed there's talk of little else. The competition is strong and twelve-year-old Zal Thesa and Zara Aura know that to win their carpet will have to be the best. If only they could compete on a rainbow carpet

But as everyone knows they only exist in legend ...don't they? When Zal and Zara find the beginnings of a trail to discover the magical truth behind the stories so begins a fast-paced contest of their own. With the Great Race only a day away and the sinister Shadow Society on their backs time is not on their side...