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The single-engine Junkers Ju 52 first flew in 1930. Designed and built by the Junkers Aircraft Company of Dessau Germany the Ju 52 was originally intended as a cargo aircraft. An upgraded model the Ju 52/3m was powered by three engines excelling as an 18-seat airliner. By the late 1930s hundreds of the safe and reliable Ju 52/3m were serving with airlines in more than 20 countries including the prewar British Airways. It was used as a bomber by the reestablished Luftwaffe particularly in the Spanish Civil War. During the Second World War the Ju 52/3m was the mainstay of the Luftwaffe transport squadrons. Affectionately known as Faithful Old Annie and Iron Annie the Ju 52/3m was used during the invasions of Norway the Low Countries Crete as well as the resupply of Stalingrad and Rommel s Africa Corps. In all more than 5000 were built. After the war production continued in France and Spain. Amazingly captured Ju 52/3ms were rebuilt postwar and briefly operated as airliners on domestic routes in Great Britain

Today about 50 Ju 52/3ms survive with less than ten flying. The Junkers Ju 52/3m is one of the most significant transport airplanes in the history of aviation.'