Foreslået køb Readings in Twenty-First-Century European Literatures (Paperback) by Gratzke Michael Hutton Margaret-Anne Whitehead Claire Evke7yeN

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Readings in Twenty-First-Century European Literatures brings together analyses of post-2000 literary works from twelve European literatures. Sharing a common aim - that of taking the first step in identifying and analysing some of the emergent trends in contemporary European literatures - scholars from across Europe come together in this volume to address a range of issues. Topics include the post-postmodern; the effect of new media on literary production; the relationship between history fiction and testimony; migrant writing and world literature; representation of ageing and intersexuality; life in hypermodernity; translation both linguistic and cultural; and the institutional forces at work in the production and reception of twenty-first-century texts. Reading across the twenty chapters affords an opportunity to reconsider what is meant by both 'European' and 'contemporary literature' and to recontextualize single-discipline perspectives in a comparatist framework.