Holdbart produkt Information Experience: Approaches to Theory and Practice: (Library and Information Science Series): 9 (Hardcover) by Bruce Christine Partridge Helen Davis Kate Hughes Hilary Stoodley Ian 7DguQF3c

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''The German word for experience - Erlebnis - the experience of the life to live through something - underpins this book: making visible scholarly opportunities for richer and deeper contextualizations and examinations of the lived-world experiences of people in everyday contexts as they be do and become.' (Ross Todd Preface). Information experience is a burgeoning area of research and still unfolding as an explicit research and practice theme. This book is therefore very timely as it distils the reflections of researchers and practitioners from various disciplines with interests ranging across information knowledge user experience design and education. They cast a fresh analytical eye on information experience whilst approaching the idea from diverse perspectives. Information Experience brings together current thinking about the idea of information experience to help form discourse around it and establish a conceptual foundation for taking the idea forward. It therefore 'provides a number of theoretical lenses for examining people's information worlds in more holistic and dynamic ways.' (Todd Preface).'