Online Supersymmetry and String Theory: Beyond the Standard Model (Hardcover) by Dine Michael ALP9TyxH

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The past decade has witnessed dramatic developments in the fields of experimental and theoretical particle physics and cosmology. This fully updated second edition is a comprehensive introduction to these recent developments and brings this self-contained textbook right up to date. Brand new material for this edition includes the groundbreaking Higgs discovery results of the WMAP and Planck experiments. Extensive discussion of theories of dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking and a new chapter on the landscape as well as a completely rewritten coda on future directions gives readers a modern perspective on this developing field. A focus on three principle areas: supersymmetry string theory and astrophysics and cosmology provide the structure for this book which will be of great interest to graduates and researchers in the fields of particle theory string theory astrophysics and cosmology. The book contains several problems and password-protected solutions will be available to lecturers at