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Although the concept of allosterism has been known for over half a century its application in drug discovery has exploded in recent years. The emergence of novel technologies that enable molecular-level ligand-receptor interactions to be studied in studied in unprecedented detail has driven this trend. This book written by the leaders in this young research area describes the latest developments in allosterism for drug discovery. Bringing together research in a diverse range of scientific disciplines Allosterism in Drug Discovery is a key reference for academics and industrialists interested in understanding allosteric interactions. The book provides an in-depth review of research using small molecules as chemical probes and drug candidates that interact allosterically with proteins of relevance to life sciences and human disease. Knowledge of these interactions can then be applied in the discovery of the novel therapeutics of the future. This book will be useful for people working in all disciplines associated with drug discovery in academia or industry as well as postgraduate students who may be working in the design of allosteric modulators.