Salg Sexualities Textualities Art and Music in Early Modern Italy: Playing with Boundaries (Hardcover) by Marshall Melanie L. Carroll Linda L. McIver Katherine A. O5khQaf8

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Taking as axiomatic the concept that artistic output does not simply reflect culture but also shapes it the essays in this interdisciplinary collection take a holistic approach to the cultural fashioning of sexualities drawing on visual art theatre music and literature in sacred and secular contexts. Although there is diversity in disciplinary approach the interpretations and readings offered in each essay have a historical basis. Approaching the topic from the point of view of both visual and auditory media this volume paints a comprehensive picture of artists' challenges to erotic boundaries and contributes to new historicizing thinking on sexualities.Collectively the essays demonstrate the role played by artistic production-visual arts literature theatre and music-in fashioning policing and challenging early modern sexual boundaries and thus help to identify the ways in which the arts contributed to both the disciplining and the exploration of a range of sexualities.