Salg The Angel Roofs of East Anglia: Unseen Masterpieces of the Middle Ages (Paperback) by Rimmer Michael yRJBTMIV

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It has been estimated that over 90% of England's figurative medieval art was obliterated in the image destruction of the Reformation. Medieval angel roofs timber structures with spectacular and ornate carvings of angels with a peculiar preponderance in East Anglia were simply too difficult for Reformation iconoclasts to reach. Angel roof carvings comprise the largest surviving body of major English medieval wood sculpture. Though they are both masterpieces of sculpture and engineering angel roofs have been almost completely neglected by academics and art historians because they are inaccessible fixed and challenging to photograph. 'The Angel Roofs of East Anglia' is the first detailed historical and photographic study of the region's many medieval angel roofs. It shows the artistry and architecture of these inaccessible and little-studied medieval artworks in more detail and clarity than ever before and explains how they were made by whom and why. Michael Rimmer redresses the scholarly neglect and brings the beauty craftsmanship and history of these astonishing medieval creations to the reader. The book also offers a fascinating new answer to the question of why angel roofs are so overwhelmingly an East Anglian phenomenon but relatively rare elsewhere in the country.