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The second volume in the classic fantasy series The Chronicles of King Rolen s Kin is now re-issued in a stunning new trade paperback edition. bIncludes the exclusive first-printing of iThe King's Man/i novella

/b Thirteen year old Piro watches powerless as her father s enemies march on his castle. A traitor whispers poison in the King s ear undermining his trust in her brother Byren. Determined to prove his loyalty Byren races across the path of the advancing army towards the Abbey. Somehow he must get there in time to convince the Abbot to send his warriors to defend the castle. Meanwhile the youngest of King Rolen s sons Fyn has barely begun his training as an Abbey mystic but he wakes in a cold sweat haunted by dreams of betrayal... Also includes the bbonus novella/b never before seen in print iThe King's Man/i

When Dovecote estate fell Garzik younger son of Lord Dovecote was captured and sent back to Merofynia as a prize of war. Feeling responsible for the fall of his father s estate and therefore ultimately the fall of the Kingdom of Rolencia Garzik must set things right before he can return home. He decides to turn his misfortune into opportunity to spy for the rightful king Byren who yet thinks him slain at Dovecote. With fortune on his side he may learn something that could change the path of the war then escape return home find Byren and redeem himself. For Garzik is and always will be the king s man.'