Volumrabat Shapes Reshape by Borando Silvia a3VyXWUv

  • Model: a3VyXWUv
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Product Description:

Count down from 10 to 1 in this playful interactive exploration of the shapes that make up our favourite animals. The shapes at first are lined up neatly in rows. But at the turn of the page they're mixed up moved around and reshaped into all kinds of animals

Buzzy and clucky and scaly and sluuuurpy

Look - these green shapes reshape into scaly things. What they could be? Turn the page to reveal ...of course

3 alligators snip snap and snappy

As we visit ten groups of shapes can you try and guess what animal the shapes will become before the shapes reshape? (But with the animals getting bigger and more ferocious each time watch out for a rather fiery finale