billig A Darkness Descending (Sandro Cellini 4) (Paperback) by Kent Christobel 8gEzjx5z

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'When Niccolo Rosselli the driven charismatic leader of a Florentine political movement collapses at a rally his young party immediately comes under threat. And when it emerges that his long time partner Flavia has disappeared leaving behind not only a devastated husband but their newborn son the political becomes dangerously personal - and Sandro Cellini is drafted in to investigate. The trail leads to a tired sea-side town and a modest hotel where Flavia chose to end her life. But Cellini isn't satisfied - why would one so young and with so much to live for walk away from all she loves? As he digs into Flavia's secret world however Sandro uncovers the hidden life of a woman consumed with private passions and a deadly dark obsession. And as the private and public realms intersect he cannot forget that life in modern Italy has a perilous edge - fuelled as much by rage as desire.'