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Grelle's chainsaw-like scythe cuts through anything quickly overpowering Sebastian as Madame Red attacks Ciel. Grelle kills her when she refuses to kill Ciel. Memories of her sister and her sister's husband the Earl of Phantomhive are played out an effect of the scythe. Sebastian attacks Grelle and tangles Grelle's chainsaw with his coat. Sebastian tries to kill Grelle with the scythe but the shinigami William Spears stops him. William apologizes for Grelle's actions and takes Grelle away for punishment. After Madame Red's funeral Ciel is warned against sinking into darkness. Ciel's aunt and fiancee visit the estate. Ciel and the Marchioness engage in a hunting competition but when the group is attacked by a bear Ciel protects Elizabeth and Sebastian kills the bear although it appears to be the Marchioness' handiwork. The Middlefords and the servants wish Ciel happy birthday the true purpose of the visit