enestående Book of the Dead: The Complete History of Zombie Cinema (Updated & Fully Revised Edition) (Paperback) by Russell Jamie BOoZw77e

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The zombie is cinema's most enduring horror icon having terrified audiences for decades. 'Book of the Dead' charts the history of the walking dead from the monster's origins in Haitian voodoo through its cinematic debut in 1932's 'White Zombie' up to blockbuster 'World War Z' and beyond. Covering hundreds of movies from America Europe Asia and even the Middle East Jamie Russell examines zombies' on-screen evolution from Caribbean bogeymen to flesh-eating corpses and apocalyptic plague carriers. With an exhaustive filmography covering the history of the zombie genre 'Book of the Dead' explains our ongoing fascination with the living dead and how this shambolic monster has become a stumbling moaning metaphor for our age. Fully revised and updated with over 300 new movies Includes an exclusive interview with the 'Don of the Dead' George A. Romero The ultimate resource for zombie fans everywhere