mode mærke Hybrid Identities (Identities / Identites / Identidades) (Paperback) by Sabate Flocel HkZuuW9Z

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Product Description:

This book dissiminates a selected collection of research texts from the Congress Hybrid Identities held in 2011 in the Institute for Research into Identities and Society (University of Lleida Catalonia Spain). Outstanding researchers from Social and Humanities fields adapted the hybridization of society such as a new perspective in order to study and understand the evolution of conviviality from the Middle Ages to current days throughout a comparative space and time. Taking the concept from the anthropology the hybridization became a new approach for social studies and Humanities. Hybridization offers a historical perspective in order to renew perspectives for study different societies during all historical periods since Middle Ages to current days. At the same time hybridization appears as a tool for analysing social realities in the different continents of the word. In any case it is a new way in order to understand how the societies reaches its respective cohesions throughout mixted identities.