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Shock tears anger loss - X Factor 2012 had it all and much much more

Fans all over the country were divided like never before as they fought to defend their favorite acts with every tool at their disposal. Twitter Facebook blogs and phone lines were all clogged with opposing opinions from everyone from teens to grandmothers; politicians to well-known celebs. With name changes shock exits and a few phoenix-like rises from the flames of elimination our hearts were tugged in every way imaginable. And at the center of the show was the fiercest battle of all - the battle of the boy bands. Who could have known that this year would see one of the closest and tensest X Factor wars in history. Not since Boyzone took on Take That in the nineties had such a fierce battle been fought. The prize? A rare recording contract yes but most importantly the chance to follow in the footsteps of Alexandra Burke JLS One Direction and Little Mix - and become international stars. With so much at stake each band ad to prove their worth over the other - in spite of their blossoming friendships. And when the battle was won would fame and fortune come to either group?The ninth series of the X Factor began airing on ITV on August 18th 2012. It was then that the world met Union J and District 3 - although neither band were called by those names when they first auditioned. It would be the start f some very big life changes for Josh JJ Jaymi George Greg Dan and Mickey.