signatur skål Collision of Empires: The War on the Eastern Front in 1914 (General Military) (Paperback) by Buttar Prit 1WPgzpbZ

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One of the primary triggers of the outbreak of World War I was undoubtedly the myriad alliances and suspicions that existed between the Russian German and Austro-Hungarian empires in the early 20th century. Yet much of the actual fighting between these nations has been largely forgotten in the West. Driven by first-hand accounts and detailed archival research Collision of Empires seeks to correct this imbalance. The first in a four-book series on the Eastern Front in World War I Prit Buttar's dynamic retelling examines the tumultuous events of the first year of the war and reveals the chaos and destruction that reigned when three powerful empires collided. A war that was initially seen by all three powers as a welcome opportunity to address both internal and external issues would ultimately bring about the downfall of them all.