uovervindelige A Graphic Cosmogony (Hardcover) by Various rbm04b1Z

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Drawn from the mythology of myriad cultures and the ever creative minds of the artists within we are taken from the fog of Niflhelm to the frescoes of Florence in a worldwide collaboration of yarn-spinning talent.-The Biblical creation myth proposes that God created the world in seven days or six plus one day off to chill out so in that spirit the two-dozen cartoonist-shamans corralled into this compendium were given just seven pages to devise their own version of how we all got here. . . . Entire world faiths have been built on equally unlikely accounts. Perhaps if enough readers of this volume start believing in certain stories they might cause a spate of new religions to spring up based upon them. Pull up a rock and gather round the flickering fire--the universe is about to be born again.---From the introduction by freelance journalist curator and lecturer Paul Gravett co-author of Graphic Novels: Stories to Change Your Life (Laurence King Publishing 2005)Features contributions from artists such as Stuart Kolakovic Ben Newman Mike Bertino Brecht Vandenbroucke and Luke Pearson.